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Why Kinesiology?

Do you find yourself in a loop of self-sabotaging thinking and/or behaviors? 

Do you have a clear idea of where you WANT to go, but find something is blocking you getting there? Within relationships, your career, financial goals, physical body or head space? Kinesiology is rather like 'body-psychology': your therapist uses a biofeedback to unpack, rebalance and align you to your healthy self.


Personal Development and Integrative Coach

Intrinsically focused on the personal development and “shifting” of the individual. I use a target setting methodology to facilitate this shift by working with people to set personal development outcomes. I work both online and face to face, challenging cognitive ability and developing emotional intelligence to ensure that clients choose more appropriate behaviours that allow them to relate to their world from a position of trust rather than fear.


I use a combination of traditional coaching tools, along with kinesiology balancing to facilitate client growth and recuperation. 

Specialised Kinesiologist:

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to identify stressors suppressing recuperation. Specifically, it aims to;
1. Remove interference to the nervous system
2. Remove defense physiology
3. Use muscle monitoring to access the thalamus & hypothalamus responses
4. Check physiological responses to thought and memory
A Specialised Kinesiologist is trained to access the client’s neurology through muscle monitoring to gather information through bio-feedback and balance using a range of corrections


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