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Detox Retreats

Heal from the inside out with our programs designed to offer you exactly what your body may need to kickstart a healing journey, drop a few extra kilos or simply reboot and re-align to your most authentic self.

Detox Programs

We offer a range of programs from an Express Morning Detox Package to a week long program of treatments and therapies to offer a life changing opportunity to shift the body from chronic toxicity that may look like: fatigue, bloating, weight gain, depression, anxiety, stress, acne break-outs, addiction, chronic pain and inflammation, disease, auto-immune conditions or simply 'out of sorts, not yourself?'

We include healthy, nutritious detox juices and shots in each program and between treatments you are encouraged to 'chill' on the patio in your robe and enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings.

We have devised a course of treatments to help you, help your body, regain health.

*Chat to us and we are happy to create a program to suit your particular state.

Express Detox

Ideal for acute constipation, recovery from 'dragging' illness, recent travel/long trip where you may have been exposed to foreign bacteria, viruses and disrupted bathroom habits.

  • Colon Hydrotherapy Session

  • Oxygen Ozone Sauna 

  • Detox Shot

R 890

Gut - Liver Reset

A week long program designed for conditions relating to an 'unhappy' tummy. Bloating, constipation, skin rashes, bad breath, migraines/headaches, weight gain, congested lymphatics, hormone imbalances such as PCO's, fibroids, acne etc.

The program includes 5 days of treatments, followed by a comprehensive bowel cleanse protocol at home. We follow up with one more colon/ozone session. 

  • 6 x colon hydrotherapy

  • 6 x oxygen ozone sauna

  • At Home  Detox kit including bowel cleanse, prebiotics, probiotics, psyllium, clay, oxygen capsules, dry skin brush and tongue scraper

  • Detox Juices

R 5990

De-Stress Reset

A half day program offering the body a gentle, relaxing breather from chronic stress. Ideal for those who live in a very deadline oriented, high stress work-life environment.  This is the gift your body is begging for! 

  • Colon hydrotherapy session

  • Oxygen Ozone Sauna

  • 90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

  • Detox Juice

R 1490

The Game Changer

Does your whole life feel 'stuck?' If you feel like your body is falling apart, your world is chaos and you suffer from a generalized, low level of 'life' then this is the program for you! 

Revitalize and Thrive!

A week of special treats to put you back in to being 'you'

  • 5 colon hydrotherapy sessions

  • 5 oxygen ozone sauna sessions

  • 90 minute deep tissue massage

  • 90 minute kinesiology session with a follow up session after your 'magic week'

  • Private Fascia Release Session

  • DSS Meridian Therapy Massage (electro-magnetic device for 'old' injury patterns.

  • VelaShape Lymphatic Massage

  • Refreshments 

R 6490
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