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C-Slim Laser Lipo

Aesthetic slimming, toning and weight loss


Relaxing slimming massage therapy.


Your technician adjusts levels to suit.


Measure results after your first treatment.


Cellulite reduction and centimetre loss.

Why it works

Results matter to us as much as they matter to you. We will adjust treatments to suit your requirements and stick with you every step of the way.


    Infrared laser penetrates to subcutaneous layers of fat causing a metabolic process of ‘lipolysis’ whereby fat cells are made to break down, thereby releasing contents to be used as metabolic fuel by the body.


    The Endermologie suction has a rolling massage action which stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatics to release pockets of toxins trapped under the dermis (giving the appearance of cellulite)


    RF (Radio Frequency) has a cauterizing effect on the skin, causing it to tauten and smooth reducing wrinkles and scarring.


    Ultrasound Cavitation uses sound frequency to penetrate deeper layers of stubborn lipocytes causing their breakdown


    Just 10 minutes in the steam ozone sauna boosts the metabolism of the fats (essentially pockets of energy now made usable) and has an excellent detoxifying effect as the body sweats.


    EMS (electro muscular stimulation) firms and tones underlying muscles strengthening muscle mass and shapes the physique from within.

  • Combined with our hormone profiled nutrition plan, you can expect to get the figure you had at the peak of your health.

Non invasive laser lipo Ballito

See results after 5/6 treatments.

Laser Lipo Body Scuplture

Non Invasive Laser Lipo Therapy for targeted fat loss, centimeter reduction, contouring and cellulite.

Combines infrared laser, RF (radio frequency) ultrasound cavitation and endermologie suction massage.


"What sorcery is this?? :) :) 

I can't BELIEVE how my tummy has gone down! 

My husband took a pic of my bum and it needed NO photoshopping!" :) :)


EMS Slimming.png

Monthly membership options available

EMS Toning Faradic Pads

Effortless Slimming and Toning with EMS Faradic treatment.  Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses the application of electrical pulses, which are applied on the body to stimulate the muscles to contract resulting in a tightening and toning effect.


“I have a waist!

For the first time in my life I have an indentation at my waist. Even my husband noticed."


– EMS client.


Ozone Machine.jpg

Supports auto-immune conditions.

Oxygen Ozone Sauna Therapy

An excellent therapy for detoxification and weight loss when combined with Laser Lipo Body Sculpture, or use it as part of a regular health regime when dealing with chronic conditions such as auto immune illnesses or inflammatory disorders.


"I found the ozone relieved the pain in my arm (neural impingement) and I just loved the warm relaxation as I just sweated out toxins." 


Laser skin face Ballito.jpg

Turn back time. Look 5 years younger.

Anti-aging Laser RF facial

Carefully modulated to maintain subcutaneous volume where needed and lipolysize fatty jowels or chin to shape to a more youthful oval face shape, the therapy also promotes your own collagen production so over a period of weeks and months post treatment, you will notice a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation while also returning a dewy 'glow' to the skin surface.

Results vary, but most will see a noticeable improvement after 6 treatments. We recommend a course of 10 treatments over several weeks.

Marie 7 treatments 1.png

My daughter could not believe the difference. I look and feel 10 years younger!


Laser lipo weight loss.jpg

Are your hormones preventing fat loss?

Diet Consultation

Do you suffer from Weight Loss Resistance?

Facilitated Weight Loss Programs for those with specific Endocrine Disorders Effecting Metabolic Burn Rate 

If you have tried everything and are simply NOT losing weight, you may require a nutrition program designed to support your particular weight cause:

Adrenal Stress Fat causes rapid weight gain around the abdomen and lower body and restricted diet programs and exhausting fitness regimes cause MORE weight gain.
Estrogen Dominance: weight gain around lower abdomen, hips and ‘saddle bags’ on the thighs. It is vital your diet avoids estrogen enhancing foods such as soy, animal proteins with possible Growth Hormone additives and GMO (genetically modified foods).
Under Active Thyroid: Weight gain is gradual, over a number of years characterized by general weight over upper, lower and middle body. This endocrine change is often associated with ‘Estrogen Dominance’ in youth, followed by Under Active Thyroid after pregnancy and child birth.
Low Functioning Liver: Associated with a large, ‘pot/ beer belly’ which may look a lot like pregnancy. A low fat diet is important as the liver and gall bladder get congested with high fat foods.

Marie 7 treatments 1.png

Lost 6 kilograms in the first week. Although this is not a standard result, it does indicate how eating to a hormone profile can make a big difference to weight loss. 

Anna Lize


Do you have a subconscious block?

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

A journey of discovery into the beliefs and expectations of your own unconscious mind.

A session could last several hours - although you may feel like it was a mere 20 minutes of light reverie... Unlike traditional therapy which adheres to a defined 50 minute window to unpack your deepest issues: we allow for as long as it takes for a fundamental breakthrough to occur. 

Change is NOT immediate. One does not get hypnotized once and have a magical makeover! However, subtle shifts will occur and will continue to occur in subsequent days and weeks following a session. 

You may find yourself making small but significant health choices without realizing it; you may 'miraculously' stumble upon a key person or therapy which offers the next healing step you need...After a series of seeming 'unrelated' events. choices and inputs you will look back over a year and recognize the magnetized pull of health that became an insidious  unconscious drive that replaced all previous blocks and self sabotaging behaviors.


You unpacked and gave me answers in just 2 hours what 2 years in therapy did not uncover. So grateful for the insight you helped me find.


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