Become Yourself Again


"Wellness" can be an illusive goal through a mire of helplessness. When chronic pain, stress, exhaustion or hopelessness hound one into living in a state of lackluster survival or a 'failure to thrive', it is hard to imagine a life of exuberance, energy, laughter and health. Our hope is that within our rooms you will find that Self you may have lost.  Under the experienced, professional guidance of our specialist providers, we offer a light of hope that you CAN become YOU again.

Service Providers

Belle Santé Wellness Centre brings a select group of independent health and wellness professionals together to offer an extensive range of therapies for an holistic health and beauty experience.

C-Slim Laser Lipo

Aesthetic slimming, toning, weight loss and anti-aging.

Non Invasive Laser Lipolysis Body Sculpturing using ultrasound cavitation, RF and Velashape endermologie massage, EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) and Ozone Sauna Therapy for efficient, effective and effortless slimming, toning and anti-aging treatments.

DynamX Ladies Fitness Studio

Woman's Only Private Gym


Personalized fitness programs in a small group environment or personal training sessions for women only. Train like a woman for a woman's physique - incorporating body conditioning and strength training for a lady's physique, stretching and flexibility in low impact Pilates and yoga classes, HiiT / TABATA cardio sessions and specializing in Fascia Release and Rehabilitation classes using the Melissa Taylor Sync In method.

Casa Massage

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

Affordable massage offering for those who really need a good, relaxing deep tissue massage more often. Want to treat your special person? Relax together with our couples massage option.

Cranio- Sacral Therapy

Bodywork Technique with Simone Draai


During the course of our lives, our bodies become patterned, shaped and conditioned according to how we are able to deal with previous and current stresses or traumas,  If these experiences are overwhelming, they become locked in the body, creating pains, aches and illnesses - until such a time as we are able to access resources that allow them to be processed and released.

Pain Management Massage

Cambalala Therapeutic Massage 


Chronic pain can be debilitating. It effects all aspects of life including work-life, relationships and personal growth. A weekly or bi-monthly appointment can a prescription for healing. Post operative therapy, chronic inflammatory  conditions, sports injuries, pregnancy massage or baby massage to relieve teething stress and insomnia can be life-changing.

Quantum Resonance Biofeedback and RIFE Therapy

Detect and balance energetic stressors in the body with Heidi


A full body scan is able to detect weaknesses and root vulnerabilities 

 within all systems of the body down to the cellular level. A software program with over 3500 applications is able to offer your body the required remedies it needs based on the quantum frequencies your body requires. Possible pathogenic influences, injuries or metabolic imbalances may indicate the source of your chronic condition and remedy an appropriate path to wellness.